August 29, 2021


Parent Projects Podcast Trailer

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Tony Siebers Bina Colman
Parent Projects Podcast Trailer
Parent Projects - Aging In America
Parent Projects Podcast Trailer

Aug 29 2021 | 00:00:49


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Speaker 1 00:00:02 You've got a life and places to be. You have bosses children, unlimited vacation days. You just can't spend a month packing and sorting, but this is the parent who bandaged your knees cleaned you out. Like the time you threw up on a bedspread, basic guilt will play a role when you and your siblings get together and clean out the garage. Doesn't that sound fun? And here's what we know for sure. 10 out of 10 people have had a parent and they're blessed if they still do so. Consider yourself blessed. Join us for this podcast series parent projects, where we focus on the issues that tend to push us into advocating for the.

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