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May 27, 2022


#9 | Alexander Koreiba | Making a Mission

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Tony Siebers Bina Colman
#9 | Alexander Koreiba | Making a Mission
Parent Projects - Aging In America
#9 | Alexander Koreiba | Making a Mission

May 27 2022 | 00:31:37


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Speaker 2 00:00:35 You're listening to parent projects. Speaker 3 00:00:40 Hey everybody, we're coming to you alive from the Radford school of racing out here in Chandler, Arizona. We're with AK that's Alexander Kaba, our race car driver for the parent projects brand. And this is definitely an episode you don't wanna miss. So stay tuned. Speaker 2 00:01:18 You're listening to parent projects, a family media and technology group production. Now here's your host, Tony Seeber. Speaker 3 00:01:27 He is the young gun of Al auto sports. He is our hero at parent projects. He wears the love check, uh, to the helmet and is out to run. Uh, the, uh, really he's gonna, he's gonna take over MPSA this year on his way to win as much as he can possibly win in the, in the, um, in the, in motor sports, across the board. Ladies and gentlemen, I have got Alexander CBA here with me today and, uh, Alexander, Speaker 4 00:01:54 That was quite the intro. I don't know if I can, I can follow all of what you just said there, but I'm gonna give it my best shot. I can tell you that. Speaker 3 00:02:01 Well, I, I think you started, so you, uh, we got to start just before coming into it. Uh, you took us out in one of these beautiful hell cats. Yes <laugh>. And to run around. So we've got a little bit of adrenaline that's still pumping through the system and I appreciate yes. Uh, just the opportunity and, and much thanks to the Radford racing school for having us out here. For Speaker 4 00:02:17 Sure. For sure. Yeah. They're, they're an awesome group of guys to work with and, uh, yeah, I mean, letting us come out here and just rip on a Hellcat and have some fun, so I mean, great scenery as well, Speaker 3 00:02:28 Vet Speaker 4 00:02:28 It out. It's uh, yeah, it's a great place to, uh, call work if you will, every now and again. Speaker 3 00:02:33 So, so, and now you are in the middle of a pause, right? You are in, uh, well, not even a pause. You are your mid, your season's just kicked up. Mm-hmm <affirmative> IMSA prototype a challenge, which you are doing in 2022 in which we are so proud to be behind you on yes. Uh, you, uh, podium finish. Yes. Added Daytona, man. Speaker 4 00:02:51 Yes, it was. That was quite the event. Um, Daytona, was that something that I could have never anticipated, to be honest with you? I knew we were be good. Uh, my team teammate memo Goodley, and I, I knew we were gonna have a fighting chance at a, uh, very good finish, but I didn't ever imagine it would go as well as it did. You know, we, we practically dominated the entire race until Speaker 3 00:03:11 Whole position day three, right? Speaker 4 00:03:13 Yeah. A whole position on debut and then, uh, started the race and, and we lap the entire field at Daytona during the middle stint. Then we got caught out by a little bit of a caution at the end and just the strategy didn't play into our favor. And then with about 30 minutes to go, I was on, um, stint and a half old LA at tires at the end. And, and then it starts to rain and I didn't have the grip that I wanted. So it was all about survival at the end. And if yeah, that, that last lap was, uh, Speaker 3 00:03:42 If you haven't seen it, we will put down in our comments below of this, we'll put the some video footage of you getting bumped. Yes. And having to recover. I mean, we're talking, it looked inches from hitting that wet Speaker 4 00:03:52 Grass from hitting the wet grass, and then you touch that wet grass. You're a go. Yeah. So, uh, we were very lucky to get away with that. My mother was crying, you know, it was over the top of Speaker 3 00:04:03 Personal experience and all the way to Speaker 4 00:04:05 The photo. Yes, exactly. It was, it was an unreal experience to be a part of, like I said, couldn't have asked for much better on debut debut of the team in that series, uh, debut of this brand new race car as well. Yeah. It was, it was all so much overload that I, I didn't even go to bed probably till about 3:00 AM that night. I imagine just like, I, I couldn't even fathom what it just, Speaker 3 00:04:28 I just took a, I just took two laps with you and I don't know if I'm going to bed till 3:00 AM this morning. So I can only imagine top level of motor sports in Tim Tebo fashion. Yes. You and I share a common goal of our faith is something that's a part of everything that we do for sure. It's one reason why I admire you as a friend and as a human being, as a business leader. Um, and I'm so excited to have you on this show just from that. What, what does that mean for you in Speaker 4 00:04:53 Motorsports? Um, you know, one thing I like to say is like, you know, I, the reason I wake up every morning is because, you know, I want to win an Indy 500, one day. I want to, I want to be a successful race car driver, win championships, win the big races, like the Daytona of 24, see bring 12 or something like that. But to me, all of that is on the surface. And, and at the end of the day for me, it's, it is just the kind of thing where yeah, all of that glory is great, but I'm not in it for my own glory. You know, I believe that God has given me a gift to be able to, uh, do what I'm able to do behind the wheel of a race car. Yeah. And that he's given me this natural gift. Yeah. Uh, to be able to just be the best at my craft. And, uh, I firmly believe that. I don't know if that's, I dunno if that's brag. Speaker 3 00:05:40 No, no, no. I think, I think you have to own that for, for Speaker 4 00:05:42 Sure. And you say that and, and I always say, this is like, uh, if you don't get in that race car and you don't get in thinking I'm the greatest race car driver in the world right now. Yeah. Then you're already defeated. Yeah. On day one. Right. You can't go into that experience thinking, oh, I'm just, I'm just gonna be in it to make top five. I'm just gonna try to make top 10 or something like that. Yep. If I don't get in that car and believe I am the greatest to ever walk the earth in a race car, then you know, you've Speaker 3 00:06:10 Already lost. I mean, that, that present, whether it be a belief in presence in showing up and, you know, the positive energy, the other things to start towards that there's probably 1,001 different reasons, medical and emotional to play into that. But, um, ultimately you and I, we both work through businesses. Uh, we talk about speed, scale bleeding, edge, right. Speed, scale, and bleeding edge. And that, uh, speed is for our, our clients, for our members, for our customers, our families, whatever you call the work to them, speed plays a role in a lot of the things that they have to do. But when you increase speed, typically you're losing, it's either gonna cost you a lot or you have to choose quality in some place or the other. Um, what is a balance of time, quality and cost when speed is something that has to happen for you? You know, what are you thinking about when you are trying to balance quality against Speaker 4 00:07:04 Honestly, it, it, it, all of what you just said, right there reminds me of the type of thing where we, we talk about often, especially at a race school like this, when we have complete hoes coming in, um, it's the type of thing where people come in and they think racing is just all brute force and whoever can muscle this thing around the best is going to be the, the fastest guy, whoever can turn harder or hit the gas harder. What, that's not what it's about. Yeah. It is a, it is a ballet, not a wrestling match, if you will. And to say that as in the smoothness, we talk a lot about smoothness in, in racing of just the, the profession needed to be able to perform. It's not always, how long can I carry the thro through here? How hard can I hit the brakes? Speaker 4 00:07:47 It's how subtly can I do this sort of thing easily? Can I get through this corner? How do I make this easier on tire? Possibly also kinda factor where I might not have the tire life right now to be able to make it through this. So I gotta extend it. I gotta be nicer to my car. I can, there are times where I can go really hard on the car and push harder and harder. So, um, yeah, it it's, it's really, like I said, a dance in what we do in racing. And I think that correlates a lot. Speaker 3 00:08:16 Yeah. You know, uh, the dance too comes down to, you're talking about responding to what you have in front of you, the changing conditions of stuff. Uh, you talk about, um, we talk about the race line. Mm-hmm <affirmative> right. In a best race line and much like in, in a parent project, we say, if you've seen one project, you've seen one project cuz everything's different. But the, the reality is there's generally this best race line mm-hmm <affirmative> that you can work through in a project. And for you, that race line is something that you start with as a plan. But as you've talked with me about offline, it is, it is really about recovery. It is your ability to smoothly understand, okay. I just came outta that one, just a little off pitch. And now, now I have, I said 137 more, more, uh, turns that I'm gonna make in here. Right. Or so talk about, talk about how you put something behind you that didn't work the way it was supposed to work. Darn it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and I mean, you plan everything against that, but you still have what's in front of you and it's gotta be smooth. How would, Speaker 4 00:09:11 There's an, there's an often phrase that we, we, we say in racing and it's, and it's simply that's racing because anything and everything can go wrong, anything and everything can go correctly or right. Or ha whatever it it's, there's so many multitude of ways that things can go in this sport and all the way down to that. You come through a corner. No, I want to be perfect. Every single lap. It's not exactly possible all the time. Uh, you try to strive for that, but maybe once in a while you mess up, turn one, let's say, if I go through turn, Speaker 5 00:09:44 Right. Oh, I mess up. Turn one there. Speaker 4 00:09:47 Yes, exactly. That's the worst when you're like, okay, I gotta go put in a good lap and then you just mess up turn ones like, oh my gosh, <laugh> now I gotta go all the way back around and try it again. But anyways, it's just the kind of thing, especially in a racing scenario. Yeah. You know, you're on track. You got guys behind you, you're leading the race, something like that. And you have to perform in that moment where you might screw up a corner. You might screw up and turn one. And now, um, you have turn one on your mind. Well, now you're going into turn two, turn three. You're going through a complex of corners now. And if you're still thinking about turn one behind you, the guys behind you have already defeated, I would. Yeah. And, and we talk about a lot. Speaker 5 00:10:25 We're at a race track. We are at a race track. We are it <laugh>. I love it. Speaker 4 00:10:30 We talk about a lot. How, no matter what could ever go wrong at, in that type of racing scenarios, that as soon as something wrong happens, if you, you, you get a little sideways through one corner, you push through one, you tap a wall, something like that. Yeah. Immediately put it in the back of your mind. Like you, I completely forgot what just happened. Do that will Smith, um, men in black? No, the flashback. Yes. The flash bank. Forget everything that just happened and, and yes. Love it. And focus on everything ahead of you because you've already been beaten if you're thinking about turn one and you're all the way to turn eight by this Speaker 3 00:11:05 Time. Yeah. Without a doubt. Hey, E. Everybody at home. Uh, I want to give you just a little bit of an idea of, uh, of what he's talking about. So we're gonna take a knee for a second and I want you to check this out if we can queue in and let's see AK Alexander KBA in action. Speaker 3 00:12:06 Hey everybody. And welcome Matt. That is, if that doesn't get your blood pumping. I don't know what is, uh, thank you very much for letting us be able to see it. Hey, obviously this isn't something that you can just do on your own. Uh, both of, of our efforts. Uh, we, we, we talked about that saying, um, the difference between a vision and hallucination getting other people to see it. Yes. Right. Uh, and pulling a team around, uh, I really want to talk in this segment of, um, of, of how we identify good teammates, uh, the, the, for you man, you're driving you're well over a hundred miles an hour. And, and the safety that comes down to those things, what is it that you're looking for in a teammate when you're selecting somebody that that's gotta put you, you know, put that car in top position or whatever it is you have to do. Speaker 4 00:12:58 Yeah, for sure. It's, it's the kind of thing where I have a lot of teammates, memo Gidley is my technical teammate in the AADA sport with JDC 23 car. Yeah. A little bit of a plug there. <laugh> I gotta say the full name of the car every time. Right. Good. Um, but yeah, memo is my technical, you know, full time teammate. Right. But I say I have a lot of teammates. Yeah. I have my media team who puts out great content for me and is able to, uh, you know, put together the kind of things that people wanna see on social media or on whatever it might be. I have my parents, you know, my parents who have got me here since I was a little kid and got me in go-karting as, you know, a, a young little kid who just had a crazy dream that they knew nothing about, but they're like, Hey, let's, you know, let's see where that kind of takes. And let's see what happens. Um, you know, I have my manager, Chris Wheeler from Wheeler, Motorsport consulting, one of, one of the, yeah, he's something else that's for sure. He's uh, he is a manager to say the list. Speaker 3 00:13:56 He, Speaker 4 00:13:57 I mean, he is straightforward. I like, he makes it happen. He makes it happen for, you know, I, I wouldn't be hardly anywhere without him, without my coach, Phil Lombardi. Um, there's just so many different people that have been able to just be maybe that 1% that helped my career in this way. And then 1% here, 1% there, and then we've slowly but steadily built this career that I now have. I can't take full credit for it by any means. I have all of those people behind me in my circle, mentors, um, sponsors everybody like that, to be able to make this collectively all come together. Yeah. Um, Speaker 3 00:14:34 Well, and that, it's, it said it's a collective, it's a collective thing. You have a role and you've got a leading, you've got face that's out front from that. But the reality is without those things behind, without people knowing that you're doing it or where that is, especially when we get into talking here about business and how business connects into this mm-hmm <affirmative> that you can't be doing that while you're in a race car, right? No. So somebody has to deliver at that backside of it. So Speaker 4 00:14:54 Exactly. And also, I will say it puts, uh, a good amount of pressure on me that I've had all these people in my life that have been helpful in whatever that way might be, whether it was a big way and they, you know, they were big sponsor or a team took a chance on me or something here or there. Yeah. Um, all the way down to the, the smallest person maybe gave me just one piece of advice that I took with me throughout the rest of my career. Um, still it's that good pressure on my part that I can't, you know, not go to the gym today because I'm, I'm, I, I really do think that if I'm not going to the gym today, if I don't make that email today, if I don't, you know, try to talk to everybody that I can, whatever it might be or push for that, another lap, because my neck is about to fall off because I've been taking all these G forces all day long about my, I gotta push for that one more, or best example is Daytona. Speaker 4 00:15:46 It's like, I, I, confidence was completely gone towards the end of that race. I'm falling back the car, isn't doing what I want it to. But in that moment, I'm just thinking, I got this whole team behind me. I got my family behind me. I have all these, the sponsors. I have all of these people behind me that I feel like I'm letting down in that moment if I can't perform. So it's a good, it's a, it's a lot of pressure, but it is very good pressure I will say. And it makes me strive forward. Speaker 3 00:16:11 Well, you, you and you rise to it really well. Uh, last night my kids had a, a music concert and in, uh, one of the composers of the songs that they sang, uh, was talking in his statement to the song, he was talking about the importance of, of, um, the, of conflict, uh, against those that may have been marginalized or other things that, that conflict itself can serve as this catalyst. And whether, you know, for those of us, from a Christian standpoint of life, we look at iron sharpening iron or what really, you know, how we get tested in these situations. I think it's those times when it's just harder, it's just you, you're not sure where that is. And that's, for me, it's where my faith comes in. It'll be that one discipline I can sit back on that will remind me of there's all of this around you. Right? You have, you have all of these people around you or this team around you, for sure. They can kick you back in and that'd Speaker 4 00:17:03 Be, and they don't mind taking you back in. I know, you know, I've had a couple of occasions where I've had somebody have to get on my case for whatever reason. Yeah. Uh, you know, Chris will tell me how it is every now and again, sometimes it's, it's not as much getting me in line as much as it is just to stop annoying him because I'm always coming to him. And I'm like, I got an idea that we should do something like this. I got a video idea. He is like, dude, just calm down. He's like, yeah, don't call me every day with, Hey, I got an idea. Or, Hey, what if we did this? Like, yeah, I, I drive, I drive them. Speaker 3 00:17:33 You just come out of a car though. When you're driving off of bat, you got all that. I mean, there's gotta be between a race, car and coffee for me, I'd be hosed. I don't know how I'd ever like wind back down. Yes. If I had to keep doing it is this is a whole nother chapter, obviously in my life, as, as you know, from, from my military and law enforcement, you know, times of life, mm-hmm <affirmative>, this is a much calmer period of all of that, but those are, um, I, you know, that's an important thing, good people around you, uh, advancing your, um, you have to advance your brand. Hmm. AKs. Interesting. Um, you you're really, when we look and when we talk about racing, racing is a collection of brands. I mean, it is, I love that term cooperation, what you do. Speaker 3 00:18:13 Plus what I do together makes both of us more valuable to whoever we serve. But I mean, it is literally that from looking at the side of this car, it's a collection of brands. Yes. That make that happen. Right? Um, well looking, you got Pepsi, Pennzoil Gary sinis was out here yesterday, right. With his group and what they do for veterans, big push for what we're talking and now love him, love his work. Those are all of that effort is a, is a awesome, awesome thing to extend AK brand. But your brand sits within all of that. What's it feel to, to nest your brand inside all of these others? Speaker 4 00:18:47 Yeah. Uh, I like to say that racing is not a sport racing is a business disguised as a sport and that it it's a, it's a cooperation of all of these different groups of people and these different brands that all have a mutual goal in mind. Yeah. Um, whether it's to make more money as a company, whether it's to just go have fun at the racetrack or, you know, visibility. Yeah. Visibility guys, guys over at our partner, Michelin. Yeah. Uh, for them is the kind of thing where they want to do some tire testing or something, something as simple as that, that's why they're involved or they want to test something new or, you know, a brand like Pepsi. They just want everybody at the track to be drinking it or, or red bull as, you know, a crazy example cuz they do everything they're over the top. But yeah, it, it really is just a, it's a melting pot of brands. And it's funny to me because people will look over and they're like, what does M and M's have to do it in like racing? Like what is, well, you Speaker 3 00:19:42 Can't melted like a tire base. Yes, exactly. Speaker 4 00:19:44 <laugh> that. But you have to look at it as it's, uh, there's, there's so many different levels to it, of, of why brands are even involved in Motorsports. Speaker 3 00:19:53 I, you know what, I really, that's a great com and we're gonna jump into that into our sea block, uh, for those of you at home, uh, we're gonna take a second to kind of set up for that C block and, and prepare into that. I, you know, a cup of coffee is a great way to prepare for the last leg of all of this. Everybody check out a word from our sponsor here, uh, with the refuge coffee company, Speaker 7 00:20:32 Hey guys, uh, this is Tony at the parent projects podcast. And if you are powered by coffee, the way that I'm powered by coffee, I think you'll appreciate knowing a way that you can help the last lost and least of us that didn't have a great transition. You see the refuge coffee company is a social enterprise operated by Catholic charities of central and Northern Arizona, where they use this coffee and this business model to help homeless veterans at the mana house, transitional community, get back on their feet, help a veteran, turn a handout into a hand up by giving them the opportunity to earn your business purchase coffee today at the refuge, az.com. That's the refuge az.com. If you order six or more bags, shipping will be free. And if you tell 'em that parent project sent you, I'm gonna send you a travel coffee mug. Thank you again. And let's get back to the show Speaker 3 00:21:29 And now that we are fueled up, uh <laugh>, it is really time into this, into this sea block. Let's talk about we, we have a lot of stuff coming up this summer Speaker 4 00:21:38 We do and, Speaker 3 00:21:39 And through and, and into the fall. Uh, so the, the, um, EMSA prototype challenge, uh, here of 2022 kicked off in Daytona, is that right? Yes. Okay. You started up there, you know, taking names, place to start, man. Uh, talk to us the rest of your journey year ago. I understand you are it's it's international, right? You're Speaker 4 00:21:58 You're up in Canada. You're yeah, we're going all the way to Canada a little bit later this year. Um, next week we are actually testing, testing, uh, just quick explanation. It's just essentially practice. We go to test things on the race path. I like that we go test new things and figure out new things and how we get faster and beat the competition. Right. Great. Um, so we're testing at Ohio next week. I'm gonna fly out tomorrow actually for that. And then, uh, racing in Ohio 10 days after that May 13th through the 15th. Right. But catch it on peacock. And, um, from there flying out to Mosport Canada, um, for more testing there, July 1st through the third we're racing up in Canada. And then I think it's, um, New Jersey August, August we raise, oh, where is it? Oh, Virginia, Virginia. That's, Virginia. That's. And then I think it's either, I don't have the schedule in front of me, so I, I dunno Speaker 3 00:22:53 It is across the Eastern seaboard, but you are gonna make a stop here for us again. Yes. With car in June. In June. Yes. We are in the middle of all that. You're gonna make time for little of us. Of course, Speaker 4 00:23:02 Of course. Little old us. What is that? I love, Speaker 3 00:23:04 I love for it, man. I, I just, I, I really do. It's, it'll be exciting. So, uh, we do plan to have everybody out. Um, in June we will we'll have a, an event for our, our sponsors and for our VBN our verified business network. Definitely. That's working through Speaker 4 00:23:19 It's. It's gonna be awesome. I've already, uh, been talking to the team and we're like, we have to fire up the car, even in like a closed quarters area where it'll, it'll be Speaker 3 00:23:27 ASU sky songs about it. It'll Speaker 4 00:23:29 Be loud. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:23:30 I'm Speaker 4 00:23:30 Sure it is. It's something, everybody there will never forget I'm guarantee that Speaker 3 00:23:35 That's fantastic. Well, so we got that with the racing schedule. Um, let's talk about, um, you know, let's, let's when you're, when you're doing these things, uh, we know we wanted to segue in and understanding business and business of racing. One of the top things that is really important to us is we've seen in senior move management, uh, a good connection, really for the wealthy that could afford a three to 15 or $20,000 project manager to come in. Uh, we went to tackle the midmarket, the average, Joe and Jane out there who can't drop 10 grand to help 'em with their parent project. And that's why we've, we've turned to technology and automation, all kinds of other tools from that. But connecting in and understanding on where they're at racing is a great place where they are for us to be able to see that voice of customer and what they care about and how things connect. So we can meet them where they're at. Talk to us about what's uh, what, what does that, what's the audience look like today, uh, in, in racing that, that you're, um, you know, that you guys are working against and what does it mean for a business? Yeah. Uh, to be able to touch those people through racing. Speaker 4 00:24:36 Yeah. Motorsports is bigger than ever. Right now. It is, it's bigger than ever for multiple reasons. Um, uh, it's just, it's been exploding in, uh, gen Zs and millennials as well. Um, the, the, the demographic of racing is ever changing. Um, more millennials and gen Z are involved in Motorsport or fans of motor sports than the big four of like NFL hockey or any of those, um, which is just a crazy feat that they've been able to pull off more attendance on average than any NFL event or MLB or something like that. It's, it's crazy. The, the leaps and bounds they've been able to make in these few short years. Um, yeah, it's, it's, it's a different kind of industry to be a part of as well, and to be selling through because you're driving mobile, uh, billboards. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Speaker 4 00:25:32 Yeah. And to be able to connect with your, uh, fan base is so powerful in the motor sports world and who you're looking to target. Um, for example, we have like the IMSA fan zone where a, a company like a parent projects or whoever it might be, could set up a booth and connect with all those race fans in the, in the paddock area. And just have a one on one with those kinds of people. Uh, just a little fact to it as well. Race fans are the most loyal fans in the world of, of any sport. Because if you can, if, if your favorite driver is, is in the M and Ms car again, I'll use M and MSMS, then you're gonna be buying M and MSS just because you like that driver, or you're gonna be using Carvana because Jimmy Johnson is the Carvana driver and the loyalty of the racing fan base is unlike any other sport that you could imagine from that. And it, it, it, it goes deep as well. I know people who are still buying, uh, you know, Fords to this day because they, uh, their favorite driver back in the day was running a Ford. Yeah. Um, it, it runs deep. Um, it's a very, very powerful marketing tool as well. Uh, and I don't know how Steve, you want to go into this because of, I know you have notes Speaker 3 00:26:49 <laugh> no, I think, I think you're nailing that, that, that is the, the connection to, uh, to a car avoid driving. I mean, I mean, whether it be, it almost every parent project at some point in time crosses the line against driving mm-hmm <affirmative> because there are a few things I can think of that are more American than this. Right. It, it is our thing that kind of kick that up in the automobile and where it goes, I look, you cannot look at a hell cat and not just like grab Gerdy or so like that's oh yeah, yeah. That is like, yeah, we, you know what that means and where that is. There's also a level where you can, you can empathize to it, to 'em mm-hmm <affirmative> you can understand, like, I, I, you know, I, uh, the average person out there hasn't driven as fast as what you've driven. Speaker 3 00:27:30 Mm-hmm <affirmative>, but at the other said, they've driven a car probably faster than they should have at some point in time, then they can feel that you can hold a wheel. They can understand where that is. When you hear that screech of a car coming through, you know, what's going on. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, it makes it easy to understand, although it makes it more of a connection, it's much more difficult for me to connect and know, uh, what it's like to hit a three pointer from outside an NBA three with LeBron James put his hand in my face. Speaker 4 00:27:56 For sure. For sure. And, and that's the great thing about Motorsports. It's, it's kind of a double edged sword in that way, because everybody drives a car nearly everyone, right? Yeah. And, and so they can relate to it in a way, but also you get the kind of people like, oh, all you're doing is driving a car. How exciting is that? I'm like, I will give you a free ticket to come sit by our car or ride with me, and then you'll see how it's just driving a car. Speaker 3 00:28:20 Yeah. With, with, without a doubt audience. I I'm gonna, I'm gonna tell you right now, it is not the same is driving a regular car, Speaker 4 00:28:27 Right? Yes. I like to almost say it's sometimes a totally different activity all together. Yeah. It's it's so, it's so different than just driving your standard road car and, you know, even in a Hellcat it's, it's not a full-fledged race car, like our LMP three car that we drive. Um, it's, it's a rocket ship on wheels. Yeah. And, and people just don't understand that, but the great thing is because they do drive every day and they see the diff they wanna learn. Yeah. And they wanna understand what, why is this so different? Why is it so much faster than my car? What is down force? Like, what even is that right. Speaker 3 00:28:59 So, right. Why is it worthy, accelerating into this thing? <laugh> like that, those, those concepts, yes. That, yeah. Uh, Hey look, it is, uh, I, I think what you also said there in when you're, when you're looking or the brand loyalty to people and people being loyal, because they love that driver where that is what I'm just so proud of with parent project is I don't think we could pick a more lovable driver and you're affable. You're, you're humble when you need to be, when I need, Speaker 4 00:29:26 When Speaker 3 00:29:26 You need to be humble, we call that confidently humble. Right. Or, uh, humbly confident. Um, I, I'm proud of you and I know our whole organization is, and we're just really blessed to get to work with you so Speaker 4 00:29:39 Well, I'm, I'm excited for this journey that we're on now together. Yeah. And, uh, finally happy that we can, we can, you know, join in this together. Yeah. And, uh, see where it takes us. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:29:49 Amen. So God bless you and your driving. I appreciate you being on this show today. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you very much, everybody. And until next week, I'm a new, uh, I think this is about where we're gonna leave it for this week. Everybody. Thank you for joining us for the show. And, uh, everybody please drive safely. Speaker 4 00:30:05 Yes, please. Speaker 8 00:30:20 Well, that's it Netflix team this week. And thanks for joining us. If you enjoy the content, remember to subscribe and to share this episode on the app that you're using right now, your reviews and your comments, they really help us expand our reach as well as our perspective. So if you have time also drop us a note, let us know how we're doing for tips and tools, to clarify your parent project, simplify communication with your stakeholders and verify the professionals that you choose. You can find us on YouTube, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks again for trusting us until our next episode behold, and be held. Speaker 2 00:30:53 Thank you for listening to this parent project's podcast production to access our show notes, resources or forums. Join us on your favorite social media platform, or go to parent projects.com. This show is for entertainment purposes only before making any decisions consult a professional. This show was copyrighted by family media and technology group incorporated, and parent projects, LLC written permissions must be granted before syndication or rebroadcast.

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